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70 years of

Words of the CEO

As CEO of the Domenech Cuit Group, I am delighted to present and share with you the passion for our work.

More than 100 years ago, my grandfather, who I keep in mind day by day, began his career designing toys for important brands of the time. Already in the forties made the decision to start his own workshop to manufacture toys, a company that has grown steadily ever since. Over the years we have been able to build a solid reputation and become a reference in the sectors of plastic injection and in the other line of business, ceramic construction kits which I confess is my right eye, where with time and much effort we have been able to Recreate significant historical buildings of our past and present.

This success is due mainly to the human capital made up by Domenech Cuit who have made this dream possible. Thanks to the effort of all, we have developed a philosophy based on respect, honesty and rigor of the job well done.

The Cuit team, we are committed to offer you all our professionalism and know-how to offer you a service and product of high quality that meets all your expectations.

Thank you for the confidence you place in us!

Francisco Cruz Domenech


Our Facilities

We have 9000m2 of factory, within it arise the magic and we create the Cuit product that you like so much.

Dare to come to the factory and discover the world Cuit first hand, we will tour the factory and you can see the exhibition we have of all the products we have launched since our beginnings, as well as we care and we are so excited to receive you , You will take a Cuit gift!

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