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Cognitive Benefits

The Cuit product is shaken by AIJU (Toy Technology Center) as a didactic product for the development of cognitive abilities, such as concentration, attention or mental speed.

It has also had results with people with reduced mobility in the hands such as arthritis.

For all this we can say very proud that our product in addition to the ability to entertain also improves mental abilities and certain physical illnesses.

Goodbye stress!!

Have fun recreating scale models of buildings, we know you love Cuit products, so you have a wide range to choose from international monuments to traditional houses or lighthouses and bridges.

The Cuit product will bring you the peace and relaxation you need.

The miniature world of your level

Among the Cuit products you will be able to find the product you are looking for depending on the difficulty and level you have, depending on the number of pieces and complexity of assembly we have divided it into 5 levels, the 1 being the most basic one for children with more pieces Large, and being the 5 of already an expert able to make arches and vaults.

In each of the Cuit products you will find the identical numbering.

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