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International buildings

The kits include all the materials needed to assemble the model.

1. Ceramic pieces of different shapes and sizes.
2. Glue adhesive
3. Base structure of the building, cardboard material and with intuitive strokes.
4. Timber structure, for the construction of the roof or structural support.
5. Assembly instructions manual.

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin (Germany)

Old Berlin gate and one of the main
symbols of the city and Germany.

Pisa tower

Pisa (Italy)

The tower of Pisa or tower pendant di Pisa (in Italian)
Is the bell tower of the cathedral of Pisa. It was built to remain vertical, but began to lean at the beginning of its construction in 1173.

Paris (France)

Arch of Triumph

The Arc de Triomphe, 51 meters high and 45 meters wide, stands on one of the most important points of Paris, where twelve avenues converge. The original idea of this monument was of Napoleón I in 1846.

Madrid (Spain)

Alcala door

The Puerta de Alcalá is one of the most significant monuments in Madrid. It was built in 1599 by King Charles III and is a work of the architect Francisco Sabatini.

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